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Monday, March 27, 2017
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YouTube is one of most traffic source with almost limitless potential, There are millions of videos on YouTube how you can help your video to appear with your customers??

SEO can help you at this point!

You have to take some of your time to optimize your video for SEO, You’ll get traffic significantly more than your competitors.

YouTube’s algorithm is no joke, it takes dozens of signals into account to ranking videos in YouTube search results and for suggested videos, There are some points you have to Keep it in mind Title tag information

  • Keywords in description tag


  • Video length


  • Number of subscribers after watching


  • Audience retention


  • Tags


  • Comments


  • Likes and dislikes


Now, it’s time to show you ways that you can leverage these signals to get more traffic to your videos and your site.


 Write Long Video Descriptions contain you target Keyword

youtube ranking  SEO Arktech Digital Marketing

Till now YouTube and Google can’t watch or listen to your video till now, That means that they heavily lean on the text surrounding the video to understand your video’s topic.

For this reason, we see that you must extremely brief video descriptions contain strong keywords which can help users to find you. 

Whenever YouTube video users have been increased the more likely it will be to rank for the keyword you're targeting. So, you have to set your YouTube video strategy objectives to focus on increasing your subscribers.


Video Keywords Optimization

keywords optimization seo SEO Arktech Digital Marketing

YouTube Ranking is great, but your YouTube video ranking in YouTube and Google results is even better for you Video Keywords can help you, Because they tend to have video results on Google’s first page.

For example, any keyword that includes “mobile app” will almost always have a few video results.


Long description

youtube seo Arktech Digital Marketing


Using long description with other techniques can help video ranking quickly for its target keyword, But it’s also ranking for quite a few long tail keywords, like “android mobile apps” (number one), because the keyword-rich description includes words like “Android ” and “mobile apps”.

 Using Video marketing is the most useful tool in your marketing strategy, ArkTech can help you in your strategy setting and applying.

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