How can Social Media help you in Search Results Ranking?

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Saturday, March 25, 2017
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SEO results is an important tool for every company for its great impact, It's usual to rank using your website, but it's easy to rank on the first page using your social account with a better time.

Using links as an off-page was a great factor for search engines results to leap forward, But over time, it lost its power for some reasons.

 Social signals help ranking factors as search engines it also determine how to leverage users social interaction and behavior, Because of the Search engines do not count the links on an equal footing.


Social Reputation

SEO Arktech Digital Marketing social Reputation

Search engines don’t count all links equally, they don’t appear all social accounts as being the same, If you want to get references from social accounts with good reputations.

Your own social presence is good regarded is important, so participate on the social platforms is so useful.


Social Shares

Social Shares Arktech Digital Marketing

It is great to be nearby from your audience, So you need to get a high quality of social shares, Similar to links, getting quality social shares is ideal.

You have to divide your social shares effort between all social networks because it is a great thing when more people see and hear about your site or your brand.

 If you don’t have a Twitter account, a Facebook fan page or Google+ Page you’re missing out.

You must have the Facebook fan page, twitter account, Google + account and youtube channel. your brand, your ideas, and your creative content.


 Social Media Profiles help you Rank in Search Engines

social media seo Arktech Digital Marketing

Social Media accounts are a strong and easy tool to appear in search results easily and faster than websites.

because it has high authority from google more than personal or your company site also it can feel more personal than web pages.



Social Media platforms are Search Engines.


Social Media Search Engines - SEO Arktech Digital Marketing

You have to get this point in your mind and start to optimize your on page account, You can put your main and target keywords in your page or account name, about and description.

Also, you have to get importance for your targeted keywords in your social media content and in hashtags usage, it will get you a good impact for your search result on social media ranking and google Ranking.


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